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By   21 August 2014

AbingdonFirst is still going strong.  We may sometimes, appear to have “disappeared”, or to go quiet for a while, but that is generally because nothing untoward has grabbed our attention. When it does, we will certainly let you know about it. Likewise, if you hear of anything that you think should be pointed out to the general local community,then feel free to pass it on to us.

Please; do get in touch with any feedback! (contact us here), and please feel free to comment on any of the articles. We WANT to know what YOU think!

To recap – This website has come about by a group of like-minded individuals who are eager to understand what is happening in Abingdon-on-Thames. Whilst our town is glorious in many ways we also find it unfortunate that decisions are made that we either do not understand, or worryingly do not even know about. Perhaps it’s about time we did?

There are already some excellent sites out there that tell us all about what is happening in our town.  This site however is provided in order to try and let you know what is happening to our town

We are non-commercial and apolitical. We have no hidden agenda – indeed our agenda is as open as it can possibly be – we simply want to know what is going on. We want to know who is making what decisions, to try and understand the reasons for those decisions, and ultimately make those decision-makers accountable for their actions, which affect us, the residents of Abingdon-on-Thames.

A lot of attention has been made of our decision to try and remain anonymous.  We can understand this….especially as we may well ask irritating questions  However, we would argue that people would rather know “what is happening”, rather than “who is asking”.  We are not looking for recognition. We are seeking information and we are seeking answers. Yes, we ask for transparency – but we ask for transparency on the issues.

It is about the issue; who we are is not important.

You may not like what you find out; but at least you will be informed. You will find a lot of questions on this site; and where possible, we hope to provide some answers. If we haven’t got the answers, we will be trying to find them; and we positively encourage you to ask the questions and find out the answers too!

We are only a small group – we can’t trawl all of the planning applications.  We can’t attend all of the council meetings. We don’t have an opinion on everything.  BUT, between us all, (and that means YOU),…we just might.  Between us we can find out about those applications and let everyone know.  Between us we can be at those meetings. And between us we might have a common opinion.  Therefore we ask; Please, get involved, seek out those applications.  Attend those meetings, and write in to us. Tell others about the site, ask that they get involved too.  Don’t allow things to happen to Abingdon without you knowing about it.  You never know…the decision makers may make better decisions if they realise people are actually listening!  Finally, if you read what is collated we hope you will feel suitably motivated to ask questions of your Local Councillors, (all of their contact details can be found here or on the right hand side under Useful Information), or even your elected Politicians, to ask them to explain what they are doing and to justify their actions if need be….and of course share their answers with us all!

Honesty, Transparency, and Accountability, – this is what we are entitled to!

Your questions and your answers are as valid as anyone else’s – we positively welcome your input, your comments and your feedback. Please contact us directly here alternatively say what you feel via the comments section on each topic or article.

The latest issues are on the Latest Discussions page, or please navigate to “View by Topic” using the menu on the right hand side. We will aim to update the website at least every week with news, updates, stories, and progress.

Most of the information found on this site is out there in the public domain, we have just brought it to the fore and published it in one place so that it is accessible to you, the people who matter!

If you want to really know what’s happening to our town – come to AbingdonFIRST!


2 Comments on “AbingdonFirst – The platform for you to have YOUR say about what happens in YOUR town!

  1. AbingdonFirst Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Frank, this is something that we are looking into, but are not sure how much requirement that there is for it at the moment?

  2. Frank

    The site has lots of useful info, thanks! Did you consider setting up a mailing list or facebook page to make it easier for people that don’t use twitter to follow your updates?

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