Abingdon Assets pt. 2

By   8 January 2015


We asked David Buckle if he could update us on the statements regarding the Old Gaol and Tilsley Park. This is what we received today, so once again thank you to David for a prompt response.

Dear Abingdon First

I am committed to putting full information about the Old Gaol deal into the public domain at the earliest opportunity.  The precise timing of this is somewhat tricky because the council still has ongoing contractual commitments with Cranbourne Homes.  Ultimately, I am not willing to do anything that jeopardises recouping the maximum amount of money to the public purse.

There is a short window of opportunity until early March when I can publish financial details provided we have reached final settlement with Cranbourne.  After early March the local elections preclude publication of any information until at least May.  I will keep Abingdon First appraised of the position.

Yours sincerely

David Buckle

2 Comments on “Abingdon Assets pt. 2

  1. colin

    I see he conveniently forgot about Tilsley park in the reply as well.

  2. Anon Coward

    So… kicked into the long grass until after the elections, so those who have made these dodgy decisions wont be held accountable, and may even get re-elected without us knowing the full story.

    what a surprise..

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