BID Query

By   25 January 2016


We have been sent this anonymously…can anyone in the know shed any light on this please?

Hi, you guys seem to be well informed regarding all things Abingdon, does anyone know whats happened to the BID? We hear the chairmen has resigned? With less than 8 weeks to go before the Vale issue us with the tax demand to fund the BID it still hasn’t been registerd at Companies House and the whole thing is either shrouded in secrecy or has failed already by not I keeping us informed?

If anyone can either back this up…or refute it, please comment below…anonymously if you so wish.

2 Comments on “BID Query

  1. Shopkeeper

    Think they owe us an explanation? If this is how they’re going to conduct themselves then I can’t see how the town or its businesses will prosper?

  2. colin

    I see they have not tweeted since December and there website seems to have ground to a halt since the yes vote.

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