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It is reported in today’s Oxford Mail that the Guildhall revamp will provide residents with a, “high-quality cinema experience”, according to a pledge by town Councillor Dennis Garrett, head of the guildhall committee, who is adamant no corners will be cut on a projection unit and retractable cinema seating in the new building.

He goes on to make several more quotes:

“We will get a proper full-size cinema screen with high-class projection, which will be able to show general release films.”

“If you take The Revenant, it’s the sort of thing that three months after release we could show.”

“Ticket prices for films and concerts are estimated at £8.”

“People stopped using the building because the facilities weren’t as good – it was all beginning to look a bit drab. We want to get functions like wedding receptions back by making it more attractive. It needs to be a social and leisure hub.”

“The cafe bar will be a high-class place for people of all age groups to meet.”

Now, The Telegraph printed in 2010, 

“DVDs of films to be sold 3 months after cinema release

Film buffs should soon be able to get their hands on DVDs of blockbusters less than three months after they were premiered in a cinema (Source).”

Or for just a £1.90 extra, you can travel to Didcot, and see it on the day of release? (Or choose to watch another new release on one of their 5 screens!) So why does the Councillor think that Abingdon residents are going to, or SHOULD have to, wait 3 months to see a film? The Councillor/head of the Guildhall committee, is crowing about this as though it’s a good thing?

And IF they get more weddings and functions there, as they have stated that they want too…then surely that rules out using that room for a cinema for that day? 

And ANOTHER cafe…really? Does Abingdon really need another cafe? 

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  1. CemeteryRoadResident

    Clearly not only madness but a complete waste of money.
    I don’t know who they consulted on this latest way to frivolously spend our money, but I for one would prefer the money to spent elsewhere than a third rate cinema showing out of date films.
    This is not an alternative to securing mainstream cinema company. Whoever thought it was is delirious.
    Keep up the good work!

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