2nd FOI re the Charter Car Park

By   15 April 2016

Once again, thank you to Daniel for sending this in to us. Much appreciated.

Hello Contact,

Please see further Carpark FOI answers…


From: xxxxxx
Sent: Friday, 15 April, 17:34
Subject: FOI request on revamp of the Charter car park, Abingdon ref 16/21
To: xxxxxx
Cc: FOI Vale

Hi, your freedom of information request has been forwarded for my attention.  Please see below, the answers to your questions in red.

  • From meeting minutes, please can you detail when the idea of a revamp to the car park was first mooted.

The idea was first mooted during discussions between officers and the cabinet member responsible for this area (Cllr Eric Batts).  These meetings are informal and there are only notes rather than minutes.

  • Who’s idea was this. Name of person – if councillor or council officer and department.

Councillor Eric Batts, cabinet member for HR, IT and Technical

  • Once the idea was first suggested how did this become a decision –

The Vale of White Horse Council cabinet agreed this spend as part of their budget setting for 2016/17 at the meeting on Friday 5 February 2016.  The cabinet agreed a budget to recommend to the Vale Council that was subsequently agreed at the Council meeting on 17 February 2016.  

Item 51. of the Council meeting on 17 February resolved to approve the capital programme for 2016/17 to 2020/21 as set out in appendix D.2.

The notes of all council meetings can be found here www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk

Home / Services and advice / Local democracy / find meetings/ calendar of meetings – and put in month.  Click on Council on 17 Feb.  Item 51.  This refers back to the cabinet meeting on 5 Feb.  Click to view full list of docs for item 45 to find appendix D.2

The renovation to the Charter car park is in the table under the heading ‘HR, IT & Technical’

  • was it voted for Yes
  • when Council meeting on 17 Feb 2016
  • who voted yes, who voted no. Refer to meeting minutes of Council meeting of 17 February for full list of the voting.  Item 51. The recorded vote on the proposed budget was 27 For and 1 Against.
  • Finally, how will money spent on revamping the car park effect any future plans for the redevelopment of the Charter area as a whole? A revamp of the Charter car park will not affect any plans for the redevelopment of the Charter area as a whole.  The only link the Charter area and the car park is the link ‘bridge’ from the doctors which can be amended if necessary.

I will be disseminating the answers to a wider audience, please let me know if there are any restrictions on this.

There are no restrictions on the public information and meeting minutes that are available on the Vale council website.


Technical and facilities manager

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils



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  1. Paulletta

    Whilst reading the minutes of this meeting, I noticed the item re section 106 / Old Gaol. The section 106 contribution from the developer was £1 million, to be paid in instalments of £100,000 in 2015 followed by annual payments of £180,000 for next five years. WHY? The apartments haven’t been sold in instalments, so why did the council agree to this. Surely the full £1 million Should have been paid in full by the developer. I would imagine that £1 million could be used in more useful schemes than a dip feed of money over 5 years?

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