50 years ago.

By   4 May 2016

We were sent this from a friend, Steve. (aka Wizard)….just a piece of (fairly) recent history.

Well do you remember the International Week in Abingdon. Fifty years ago, where has the time gone ??  While the nation was revving up for the World Cup Abingdon was doing it’s own bit of international hospitality.

It seems we teamed up with Argentan, France, Abingdon, Virginia, USA, Thames New Zealand, Bergen and Woensdrecht Holland and Lienz Austria. There is also a mention of Taranto, Italy in the Official programme, which cost 1 shilling which I found in a chest during a clear out of my garage recently. Blimmey the stuff I’ve just cleared out !!!! unbelievable.

The events it seems started in the County Hall, where else, and this was an exhibition of  ‘Chraftsmanship Today’ and it was opened by the Right Honourable Earl of Abingdon,  but it doesn’t state his name. This was on Friday 10th June and a whole raft of various events took place up to and including Sunday 19th June. I do remember getting into many if the events free of charge although admission was called for on some of them. perhaps being a bit cheeky and inventive saw me through, LOL.

I thought this may be of interest to you. I totally enjoyed International Week, and I do remember vaguely annoying my parents as I thought it was something people should get very intersted in. Travel to many of these places was not an option for most and yet today the world has become an ever shrinking place, a far cry from back then.

It seems a shame that events like this, even when they do happen, seem to carry much less importance and enthusiasm than years ago, perhaps retail globalsiation carries the blame for that.  According to a friend of mine in Japan England has become a mini USA in many ways. Personally I can manage very well without McDonalds ! Being a Coeliac who has just been confirmed as Lactose intolleant my choices have to be carefully singled out, still Cider and Bacardi are still on my OK list so all is not lost and a decent steak is still high on my menu, occasionally.

Perhaps it is fitting to end this mail with the last section of the programme.

It is impraticable even to mention the many who have contributed to the arrangeemnts for International Week.

The Mayor Of Abingdon, Alderman John Jones, JP, does however feel in thanking all of them it would be their wish that special mention be made of the members of Abingdon Town friendship Commitee, particulary the Chairman Mr Harry Wheaton MBE their Honorary Secretary, Mrs Naree Craik, and their Honorary Treasurer,Councillor L.R.Steggles.

The programme was of course printed in the town by Burgess and Son, who else, so somebody close to hand may have a copy of this that you can refer to for more detail should you wish.

Assuring you of my best attention at all times,

Steve *****. (aka Wizard)


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  1. Hester

    I have just come across this. Other readers might like to know that “twinning” events still go on every year, although not on such a grand scale as this. They are organised by the Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society, and anyone can get involved. Their website is http://www.abingdonandvaletwinning.org.uk

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