Old Gaol Restaurant “Deal” Falls through.

By   8 June 2016


As announced by the Oxford Mail today, the “Mystery tenant” has pulled out of the deal to open a restaurant in the highly controversial Old Gaol complex. Source

How much longer will these remain un-let, before the developers cry to the Vale that they cannot let them and want to turn them into more luxury apartments?

5 Comments on “Old Gaol Restaurant “Deal” Falls through.

  1. abingdon

    The public garden is rear of the old gaol and accessed via a gate on bridge street by the bridge . The gardens behind twickenham house are private

  2. Ph6.4

    Who on earth would take the risk of opening a restaurant there? Barking idea.

  3. AbingdonFirst Post author

    We understand that it is open to the public, and can be accessed through the gate at Twickenham House in St Helens street.

  4. Keith Playford

    Is the “Public” Garden open at the Old Gaol and if so how is it accessed?

  5. Keith Playford

    Why was the Old Gaol development allowed to go ahead in the first place? This should have been developed as a resource for the many not a money making opportunity for the few. I would prefer the premises to remain empty unless the profit from their (re)development is returned to the town.

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