2 Opportunities To Have Your Say

By   10 March 2018

Thank you to Hester for this email.

Dear Abingdon First

In line with your strapline “The platform for you to have YOUR say about what happens in YOUR town!” would it be a good idea for you to publicise the opportunities coming up this month for people to do this direct to the Town Council?

First up is the “Annual parish meeting” on Wednesday 14 March (7pm) in St Helens Church. Unlike the recent Special Parish meeting this one is attended by the Chairmen of all the Town Council Committees who present reports and answer questions, so an excellent opportunity for people to show their interest/concerns and ask questions directly to those who make the decisions.

Then there are the Community-led Plan meetings on Tuesday 20th March 2018  – Roysse Room at 7pm. (Planning, Housing etc) and Monday 16th April, Roysse Room at 6pm.  The first of these meetings (on Traffic and Transport) was last week and there was the opportunity to put forward ideas not just to the Town Council but also the District and County Councils as all were represented there.

It would be really good to see plenty of people at these meetings so the Councils can hear directly how we all feel.


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