Old Gaol Fiasco Pt. 5? (Or is it 6?!)

By   3 March 2018

Well we hate to  say it, but we told you so……..!

Application for change of use, to convert a large part of the restaurant into 3 apartments:
and retrospective permission for the construction of dividing walls to enable this conversion


Basically, Cranbourne Homes want to use one of the existing “restaurant” spaces, and build a small cafe/wine bar which they will run themselves, and in the rest of the space, they will build 3 more luxury apartments!


All this whilst applying to extend the payment schedule on the existing debt


Thank you to Paulletta for bringing this to our attention.

2 Comments on “Old Gaol Fiasco Pt. 5? (Or is it 6?!)

  1. Paulletta

    Constructing the partition walls prior to consent just shows how confident the builder is regarding the council approving these apartments. For a company who plead “poverty” regarding paying back the loan to spend monies constructing partitions which may / may not be approved just doesn’t make economic sense unless the company is sure of a positive outcome.

    Also, there are some very positive feedback comments on various hotel sites from people who have stayed in the serviced apartments recently. So, there has been capital profit from the sale of the apartments plus an income stream from the rentals. Not bad for something which still hasn’t been totally paid for! I’m appalled that the council has allowed this to happen.

  2. Hester

    Ten years ago, hundreds of Abingdn people joined a campaign to keep at least part of the OG available for public use. All they managed to achieve was commitment to public access throughout the site – via the Twickenham House cut-through and the riverside path from Bridge St and through and round the ground floor of the main building, to the riverside garden. The ground floor access would also enable people to see the historic central spiral staircase.
    Although the drawings imply that some limited access would still be available in practice it looks pretty meaningless – and I can’t imagine that the owners of the upmarket apartments would want the oiks peering over their garden fence!
    Talking of the apartments, I have only had a quick look, but as far as I can see, the bedrooms in two of them have no windows, and access seems to be via the riverside garden – a long way to lug your shopping – not t mention any other heavy deliveries?

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