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Posted by colins on 29/07/2014
Steve Try asking the vale what they have done with all the proceeds from selling Abingdon’s silver?


Posted by Steve on 28/07/2014
Can anyone explain why Abingdon – with a population of circa 38k (data from and similar to Newbury’s, is so poorly provided for? It is a constant frustration to me that towns/cities having lower numbers of inhabitants can afford to, not only preserve their heritage, but also build new facilities for those residents and appear to be successful in encouraging interesting retail environments together with sustainable employment. What is it that Abingdon is missing? Clearly not location (unless we should just give in – being too close to Oxford – which I don’t believe is a reasoned argument). Clearly not heritage and certainly not population. Abingdon would appear to have everything going for it – but….. Responses appreciated.


Posted by Janet Moreton on 24/07/2014   Email
The predictions for car use by Taylor Wimpy is laughable. I would like to remind everyone that the closing date to register objections to the planning permission of the 159 houses is 7th August so not much time to register your objection


Posted by Hester on 11/07/2014
I am sure no-one would argue with the view that it would be better to have markets on Saturdays – the problem is where would you find the traders? Thames Valley Farmers Markets who run the Friday Farmers Markets already cover 18 towns in the area and if you look on their website you will see that they are committed every Saturday and Sunday and most Fridays. In response to lobbying for Saturday Markets, Choose Abingdon were able to set up the (approx. quarterly) Local Excellence Markets by making use of the months when there are 5 Saturdays – that was a start. If anyone has any ideas of how to find traders for the other Saturdays it would be interesting to hear them.


Posted by Abingdonian1 on 11/07/2014   Email
Has anyone heard any more on the Abingdon BID? It’s gone very quiet, maybe they have realised that nobody wants it !


Posted by colins on 10/07/2014
I see the Friday country market is to close down after 65 years, Did they not think about operating on a Saturday when most hard working people maybe having a day off? The Monthly farmers market should be on a Saturday as well. Would love to support these things but alas I have work to do.


Posted by Colin S on 08/07/2014
Ref Steve Greens comment on the guest writer page. When I saw that Greene king had sold the pubs to Hawthorn leisure I looked at the people behind that group they are corporate pirates who will strip those assets to the bone,and get what they want out of them ,they have no care for the community they are destroying. And the council will say there’s nothing they can do as they take another few quid from the trough!!!!


Posted by Janet Moreton on 02/07/2014   Email
The split for car drivers is not correct. Everyone has to use a car to get to work etc from South Abingdon. Both my husband and I have lived in South Abingdon for over 40 years and we have never been able to get a job in Abingdon. We have two cars as do most South Abingdon households. The house prices on this development are to be over £300,00.00 Hardly any households at this end of the market use public transport such as buses. This does not count the traffic using the estates. Post vans delivery vans etc.


Posted by Trevor on 29/06/2014
Hi, Now that Taylor Wimpeys plans for the159 houses on the land east of the Drayton Rd has been submitted I think this would be a good time for you to open a page to enable interested parties to contact each other with a view sharing information. Links to local MP, Vale council members & Town council members would be good.


Posted by Paul13 on 27/06/2014
I understand the mitigation of risk associated with the safety of spectators and therefore the anti-social timing of this event, but the cooling towers can be viewed from many miles around. There must be a solution that that will enable this occasion to be memorable for many people, myself included, that have waited in anticipation for the date to be set. But now it seems it will happen in darkness.


Posted by Abingdon First on 22/06/2014   Email
Hi GRJ. Yes we are all still here…it just seems to have been very quiet on the news front lately? If anyone wants to contribute, or knows of something that we should look into, then please feel free to email us. Thank you.


Posted by GRJ on 22/06/2014
Just a note to test that the site is still live. Haven’t seen anything new for about three weeks.


Posted by newcomer on 30/05/2014
It seems to me that (part of) the £60K and rising that has been frittered away on the Guildhall development thus far might have been better invested in the TC providing an operational framework for a Neighbourhood Plan … but I suppose that would involve the public being more involved in the decision process and the TC know they know best.


Posted by Hester Hand on 29/05/2014
Re your Neighbourhood Plan article, there are examples closer to home than this! Faringdon were another front-runner and Wantage are following suit . The Friends of Abingdon have been trying for over two years to persuade AbingdonTown Council to do likewise – we have offered to co-ordinate the community input – but to no avail. Although as you say the TC are not allowed to control the process, under the legislation they have to front it.


Posted by Trevor on 22/05/2014
Could I suggest a campaign for Abingdon first to champion . It would be to appose the proposed development by Taylor wimped on the land east of the Drayton road until there is a southern bypass. The previous planning application was apposed by a small group of local residents. In order to stop this development we need to be a much larger group and more organised. I believe Abingdon first would be able to reach the other places we failed to reach the first time around.


Posted by Abingdon First on 21/05/2014   Email
We have today sent another letter to Thames Valley Police, (And copied in the Chief Constable), highlighting the dangers, and the fact that even they don’t seem to be sure whether you are allowed to drive on the yellow brick road or not. (They seem to think that you can!) We will let you know their reply.


Posted by lee on 21/05/2014   Email
the new roundabout is a accident waiting to happen. If they want only 1 line on the roundabout then you need to increase the aproach island to make only 1 entry lane. It does appear who ever designed it needs retraining. Other roundabouts i see allow the center part to be used and appears to be much safer.


Posted by Adam on 20/05/2014
Has there been any further updates in regards to this issue? As most recently mentioned it is a solid white line, which in tern merges t lanes (coming from 3 of the 4 directions) into one lane on the roundabout itself. On a few occasions I have seen cars racing off of the line for priority in front of the other, surely safety issues such as these must have been considered, especially with the pedestrian crossing being so close which will also increase the large traffic levels which occur anyway! This project is both unsafe, and the use of the new layout was not made clear to any of the users! I will also be taking these issues up with the council themselves and any highway safety boards. with a number of residential areas around this location I hope it’s an issue solves sooner rather than later. Adam


Posted by Abingdonian1 on 13/05/2014   Email
Mr King makes a number of good points. The main being if a business closes should a landlord be made to pay for an empty shop if it is not their fault that it is empty? Can landlords add a clause into a new lease that if the business closes they are made to continue to pay the BID money? This has got to stop now !


Posted by colin smith on 12/05/2014
Many thanks to everyone who supported the show last weekend(can’t believe it’s a week ago already!!!!) Looking at the car-park and crowds,it would appear to have been a resoundingly successful day,and at this point it is worth mentioning that Abingdon Air & Country Show is NOT run by a full-time Events Management Company,but a 6-person all-volunteer Organising Committee,led by Neil Porter who put the show together in their spare time from work(for example we have grounds maintenance,bus driver and postie among the Organising Committee).We all sacrifice much time over a 9-month period to bring this show to you and also sacrifice a weeks Annual Leave to put the showground and car-park together in the days leading up to the show and return it to a fit state on the Bank Holiday Monday before handing the airfield back to the Army on Tuesday after the show Cont.


Posted by colin smith on 12/05/2014
cont. The show is pretty much self-financing costing us in excess of £70k to put together and don’t forget that after our bills have been paid and a little set aside to kick-start next years show,we make a healthy donation to the local Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust…an Charity based vital asset to the local emergency services that all-too often is mentioned in the Press as attending an incident and Heaven forbid any one of us could need it at any time anywhere in any situation Thanks again for your support and look forward to seeing you all again next year 🙂


Posted by newcomer on 08/05/2014
Quite right, Steven, The Vale wouldn’t be spending money outside The Vale, unless, of course, they were building a new Palace in Crowmarsh Gifford. However, the main point is, of course, that Abingdon is not seeing any of the loot which The Vale has plundered from the Town.


Posted by Steven Green on 08/05/2014
@newcomer: Didcot is part of the South Oxford District council, not the Vale (which covers Faringdon, Abingdon, Wantage and Botley), so the Vale district council is not be very likely to spending our money on Didcot!!!


Posted by Catesby on 08/05/2014
Interesting Guest article from Newcomer. I too was absolutely gobsmacked at the figure of £7m bandied about by Sandy Lovatt! I had heard figures of £2m plus £2m on completion. Isn’t it about time we were told the TRUE figure of how much has been paid and how much is still outstanding?!


Posted by Julian Annells on 07/05/2014
I heard the show too. I was impressed with the way your statements came across, even though Phil was trying his best to get a point across that you were bad for the town? Ps I’m sure I’ve spotted you around town in your tights and pants! Keep up the good work please!


Posted by Abingdon First on 07/05/2014   Email
Thanks Daniel, We DO wear our underpants over our tights…why do you think we want to remain anonymous?! As for Phil Gayle’s stance, we think it was maybe because we weren’t actually there. If we had turned up maybe he would have been a bit more on our side. As to the blacked out windows rebuttal, see the Latest News!


Posted by daniel on 07/05/2014   Email
I heard the radio show today – I thought you guys came out of it reasonably well. The presenter wasn’t very good though – he made it sound like you wear your pants over your tights – fighting for truth and justice… shame he didn’t have a look at the site first, to get your own explanation of what you are up to… The Councillor had a couple of good points, about your ‘facts’…such as the blacked out windows regarding the Gaol fiasco. Heard that a few times…would be interesting to know what really happened – and if those windows really were blacked out! An interesting site – the more information out there about Abingdon, the better!


Posted by Colin S on 07/05/2014
The radio oxford programmme is available to listen again at for the next 7 days start it at about 3 hours in.


Posted by Abingdon First on 05/05/2014   Email
A reply to Chris Thrutney’s (and a few others),comments, (5 below) regarding our anonymity can be found on the Guest-Writer’s page.


Posted by Iain Littlejohn on 05/05/2014
Don – infully agree abiut the value of BIDs. Just to correct you about business rates, these are set nationally and not the council. The council has to collect them but they do not get the income which goes to the treasury Guido – whoever pays the business rates would pay, so for empty units it would be aberdeen asset mgt


Posted by Guido on 05/05/2014
Don, I don’t think it is the concept of the BID proposal that is in question here. I think the worry is that it won’t be administered correctly, and that there are no known plans or goals put forward as to what all this collected money will be used for?! And will Scottish Widows have to pay up for their empty units?


Posted by Don Watts on 05/05/2014
Although I live in Abingdon, I work in Reading. We have had a BID committee there for about 5 years, and they have made a dramatic improvement to the town. We have regular events in the town, the BID committee provides additional police, floral displays amongst many other things. So I think a BID is great for the town. Sadly, they have no bearing on business rents or rates, this is down to the property owners and the council. It is about time that someone put Abingdon first, if you had said to someone twenty years ago that we would be playing second fiddle to Didcot, they would never have believed you !


Posted by Abingdon First on 05/05/2014   Email
In answer to your question Chris, the blacked out part of the email was the name of the person who presents the brilliant Abingdon Blog. As we understand it he chooses not to make his name public knowledge, (something that people don’t seem to have a problem with), and so we chose not to publish his name, even though Ms Brown sent it to us. We felt that was the correct decision.


Posted by Chris Thrutney on 05/05/2014
I agree somewhat with Ms Brown, that this website should be less anonymous, but I disagree with her comment that the website is just some town trolls. Everyone has the right to voice an opinion. One point on being open thought, why was one part of Ms Brown’s letter blacked out, I would like to know what that bit said.


Posted by Pamela on 05/05/2014
Its good to be able to read your points of view on Abingdon First thus giving the people chance to make a more informed choice about whats happening to the Town. I don’t see the posts as negative or ‘town trolls’, just good communication. Something that is lacking nowadays, Thankyou!


Posted by Abingdon First on 02/05/2014   Email
No Colin, we wondered for a bit if we’d been nobbled but don’t think it was anything exciting like that….just plain old boring computer glitches!


Posted by Colin S on 02/05/2014
Thought the council stazi had closed you down:-)


Posted by Abingdon First on 02/05/2014   Email
Apologies for the site being down for most of yesterday. It was a glitch with the BT server that we use, all of the btck websites were unavailable for some reason. But anyway, WE’RE BACK!


Posted by Lee on 29/04/2014
i agree what you are trying to do. For far to long abingdon decisions are made behind closed doors and in a cliche which has been going on for years. in that time abingdon has gone down hill and the people in power have done nothing except look after number one


Posted by Gill B on 28/04/2014
Well done Abingdon First, keep up the good work. They mustn’t get away with it.


Posted by Colin S on 28/04/2014
Trolls I think not,just people wanting to understand where there taxes etc are being spent,How decisions are being made. If you’ve nothing to hide then why not have a site like this? Asking too many awkward questions? Keep up the good work Abingdon first.


Posted by John R. B. on 27/04/2014
Agree with Abingdon First.


Posted by Hester on 25/04/2014
Re your latest questions about the BID proposal, a quick Google check will answer most of them I.e about how the process works. For example: BIDs in England and Wales are funded by a levy on the occupiers rather than the owners of the properties within the area. If voted in by local businesses, the BID levy is an extension to existing non-domestic business-rates. In the UK, for a BID to go ahead the ballot must be won on two counts: straight majority and majority of rateable value. This ensures that the interests of large and small businesses are protected. A BID may be operated by a nonprofit organization or by a quasi-governmental entity. The governance of a BID is the responsibility of a board composed of some combination of property owners, businesses, and government officials. The management of a BID is the job of a paid administrator, usually occupying the position of an executive director of a management company.


Posted by Colin S on 24/04/2014
Abbey House will be sold to Cranbourne you saw it here first


Posted by newcomer on 24/04/2014
There’s a piece on the front page of this week’s Herald (paper edition) in which various Town Worthies are quoted as saying Old Abbey House shouldn’t be sold to a housing developer. Quite right. However, Vale council leader, Matt Barber likes the money option and is keen on selling to the highest bidder, which just goes to prove that, to (mis)quote Oscar Wilde, politicians are people who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. I addition, Mike Badcock is quoted saying, ‘I would have thought it would make a wonderful HQ for a firm of architects’ He’s quite right, architects, like developers, like to live in buildings more classy than the ones they inflict on us. I’m sure Cranbourne would agree.


Posted by Miffed-at-the-docs on 23/04/2014
Q: Will the proposed new housing between Lodge Hill and Tilsley Park include provision for easing the impact this will have on Long Furlong Surgery? It is currently taking at least a week to get an appointment there with the receptionists being extremely obstructive in handing out appointments. I recently rang them when my son (3 years old) passed out and was asked if I was really sure it was an emergency. Not on!


Posted by abingdonian1 on 21/04/2014   Email
I have had a letter posted (at taxpayer expense) to tell me about the BID (business improvement district) ! If you think i am going to pay an extra 1-2% business rates for this then you must be mad. Business rates need to be lowered for the town centre not increased. We will all be asked to vote yes or no later this year for this, you know as well as i do that people do not go & vote if they are not interesed, the only people they will be the ones involved. this is a big waste of tax payers money. All businesses must be told the true facts of how much extra this will cost struggling independent shops. I will vote NO for this.


Posted by Dave on 18/04/2014
Why try to fix a problem that isn’t there? The roundabout was perfectly safe and functional. If the council wanted to improve the safety of cyclists, why not do something logical like fill in the pot holes across Abingdon?


Posted by Mick Wirduam on 18/04/2014   Email
I think that the person responsible for the changes to Dunmore roundabout and the new pedestrian crossing there has either never read or understood The Highway Code


Posted by Charlie on 18/04/2014   Email
Is it true that they are putting bollards at the end of crosslands drive and turning that bit of the wootton road into an access only cycle track? If this is correct then it’s stupid! How are bin lorries going to get through? The parking down crosslands is terrible as people have too many cars!


Posted by tara greenaway on 18/04/2014
The roundabout at the end of Wootton Road is still being used as a double lane roundabout by motorists. Although common sense dictates it is now single lane signs need to be put up to make motorists aware. Also the approach to the roundabout from Wootton is 2 lane, needs to be reduced to a single lane approach if you want motorists only to use one lane on the roundabout. I have already witnessed a pedaestrian knocked over at the crossing, one of many to come no doubt. Also as a resident of Whitecross my children still have to contend with crossing the road at Dunmore Court and then crossing back again at the roundabout before they can use the crossing. Ridiculous! The crossing should have been on the opposite side of the roundabout where the current cycle track ends, common sense I think.


Posted by Walker on 18/04/2014   Email
I’d like to say as a Mother, Abingdon has the worse parks, how is it that all other towns really look after there youngsters, spend some of our tax money into making parks better eg, Tesco’s Park, South Abingdon Park, go have a look at Harwell Park and Cumnor Park and compare to Our rubbish. Also we need a cinema and cheaper rents intown. Abingdon Council are Scrooges when it comes to money! Fix our roads, make our town an inviting place instead of all us Abingdonions going else were to shop.


Posted by Liz on 18/04/2014
With regards to new road layout at junction of Wootton Road and Dunmore Road. Time will tell just hope there aren’t too many accidents first. There is a mention of it being to improve cyclists safety. My question is was their safety considered at the traffic lights to Northcourt Road. Whose great idea was it to have the path trail into traffic turning left into Northcourt Road. That is an accident hotspot now. Please all drivers be aware come Tuesday morning when everyone returns to school


Posted by newcomer on 13/04/2014
Nicola Blackwood has a campaign supporting a diamond interchange at Lodge Hill so I assume it’s a done-deal so that she can do a victory lap just before the elections (look how well I’ve done). A diamond interchange should be a shoo-in on the basis of existing plans.


Posted by ISIS on 07/04/2014
Last one: Q Will the new boathouse still be able to supply fuel for boats once an entertainment centre and restaurant are built in the vicinity? A Of course. The Boat centre is a core part of the project: the current owner of the business is fully informed about the plans and has first option on redeveloping the centre.


Posted by ISIS on 07/04/2014
Q Will the performance area be available just to select groups, Opera, Shakespeare plays, local drama groups, or if a local heavy metal rock group want to play there will that be allowed? A See earlier answer re licensing.


Posted by ISIS on 07/04/2014
Q Will the bridge across to the Old Gaol complex actually be open for people to walk through to the town? Or will this be a locked gate as is the case with the so-called public access through Twickenham House. A One of the conditions of the sale of the Old Gaol to its current owners was that once the building work was complete there should be public access around the Gaol and to its riverside during the opening hours of the restaurants and bars on the site so we would expect the bridge to be open at the same time. Re the Twickenham House route, others have already taken this up with the developers and we are told that the route is now open as scheduled.


Posted by ISIS on 06/04/2014
Q Who will be funding the ISIS project on a day to day basis (after the initial build is finished) as there will be obvious running costs? Will this be Abingdon Tax-payers? A We are setting up a Community Interest Company (CIC)* which will manage first the building of the facilities then their ongoing operation. The project budget includes provision for the initial marketing and running costs but once it is up and running the CIC will have to manage its own income generation from its activities and other forms of fundraising. Like any other Community Group it will be able to apply for small grants from the Councils but it will not be able to rely on this for day-to-day operation. (*a CIC is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community. CICs are more lightly regulated than charities, in terms of their abilty to trade, but do not have the benefit of charitable status.)


Posted by ISIS on 06/04/2014
Here are replies to your questions about the ISIS project. The details of the proposal are still evolving so do keep an eye on our website for up to date information. Your site won’t let me post all the replies in one go so I will try them one at a time.. Q Will the local residents in the Old Gaol complex not mind/object to all and sundry playing music/street entertaining all through the summer? A We will of course be talking to local residents at an early stage of the consultation process and will take their views into account in the design. They will also have the opportunity to make their views known as part of the Planning Application process. Once built, the venue will have to be licenced by the District Council for these activities and the licence will of course include conditions relating to noise and other forms of nuisance so we are also consulting with them from the outset to ensure that these considerations are taken into account in the design of the venue.


Posted by Abingdon First on 04/04/2014   Email
Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our Reader’s. The scrolling bar has gone! Thanks Mark.


Posted by Colin S on 03/04/2014
Maybe you could ask the council why over 50% of there meetings are held in secret?


Posted by ColinB on 02/04/2014
I see from Oxford Mail that both Precinct ‘revamps’ are in ‘crisis’. Botley Residents public enquiry they voted 87% no vote, VOWHDC back to you. In Abingdon Sainsbury’s (Finally confirmed they are the company/supermarket) Have pulled out of the Stage 2 development of the Precinct/Charters. Could not reach an agreement with Scottish Widows Investment Partnership. on a viable scheme. VOWHDC were very supportive of those plans…


Posted by Colin S on 31/03/2014
The Guild hall is fast becoming the money pit/White elephant everyone was predicting. Why is the council not aware of the pit they are throwing everything at?


Posted by colin on 31/03/2014
Well it seems HLF rejected the funding of the Guildhall redevelopment….Back to drawing board?.


Posted by glenn james on 24/03/2014
The idea of a temporary set of lights to replicate the proposed solution must be taken up. I can’t understand why any Project Manager would not welcome this opportunity to test the theory. The cost would be minimal compared to the consequences of an untested permanent experiment that failed.


Posted by Abingdon First on 21/03/2014
As far as I know Glen it must be your computer? Certainly nothing that we have set up on the website. You could have a look at to see if that helps?


Posted by glenn james on 21/03/2014
Is it just my computer or does this website create unwanted pop-ups, advertising and warnings? e.g. there is one now telling me there is a phone to be won.


Posted by LC on 21/03/2014
School places are an important issue for this town. This issue will become even more pressing if/ when more houses are built in years to come. There is a chronic shortage of primary school places at present. In years to come, the problem may extend to secondary school places as well. Perhaps any new development should include a new school?


Posted by Abingdon First on 21/03/2014
Message for ‘Native’. Your information is incorrect, no-one of that name here, i’m afraid. Tried to email you back but your email address was also incorrect. Please feel free to comment again if you have anything valid to say.


Posted by Native on 21/03/2014
So I wonder if the Les Klein that runs this website is the same one that unsuccesfully stood as councillor for the Northcourt ward? The same one that has had issues with those that did get voted in ever since?


Posted by Colin Bartlett on 19/03/2014
With regards to the Charter in Abingdon, seems to be changing plans. I read one where the GP Surgery and Library would be moved to a 1st and second floor ‘development’. The Adult Care Day centre is never mentioned. They have already moved several times. Abbey Centre-Charters swapped over, then Market Square building lease expired, and wasn’t renewed (Rooms above the ex Gold Shop). VOWHDC seem to be making the same errors in Botley. Will it end with total demolition??.


Posted by Peachcroft Resident on 18/03/2014
I agree with Tom Crask that the school place situation needs raising. We also had problems with primary school admissions, being offered a school 5 miles from where we live. I know we are not alone in failing to get into our catchment school or any of the surrounding schools.


Posted by Shellsuit on 18/03/2014
I find it very sinister that some people want to know your name before responding. This the way totalitarian regimes behave. I welcome the coming of Abingdon First and hopefully we will be able to discuss the issues affecting our town without being sniped at by the usual suspects.


Posted by Abingdon First on 17/03/2014
johnsforsmith….if you dare us to put your comment on here then you really need to send it through the comments on the Guestbook page? Check whenever you like, but until you send it correctly it won’t show up in the correct place?


Posted by Hester Hand on 17/03/2014
Nice to see that the photo on your Home page is almost identical to the one the Friends of Abingdon have been using for a few years. Great minds think alike about our town’s asset! Perhaps you could put a link to our site as much of what we do – especially in the Planning area – ties in with your objectives. Our predecessors who set up the Group 70 years ago were as passionate about the town as many of us around today.


Posted by Hester Hand on 17/03/2014
I am glad to see that the iconic photo on your front page is almost identical to the one used by the Friends of Abingdon, the town’s Civic Society which has been campaigning in this area for many many years, great minds think alike! Take a look at the planning section on our website


Posted by Don Watts on 15/03/2014
It is a disappointment that they plan to build so many homes on the land between Lodge Hill and Tilsley Park, which is a beautiful footpath next to a stream, which sees so much use from Dog Walkers, Cyclists and Ramblers. I hope sense will prevail, and we don’t loose this area of outstanding natural beauty


Posted by newcomer on 15/03/2014
There seem to be some hysterically desperate trying to undermine this site.


Posted by tom crask on 15/03/2014   Email
Hi Lovely to see something is being done about the areas that need improvement in Abingdon. I wonder if you would like to do a feature about the school situation in Abingdon. My wife and I have just gone through the Primary admissions system and there are a distinct lack of places for foundation level children.


Posted by Abingdon First on 15/03/2014
So much for transparency, IF that is your real name?, we are not FORCING anyone to look at our site. This is the decision that we made when we evolved the website and that is how it will stay, unless we decide otherwise. That decision was made precisely so that on-one could accuse us of trying to further ourselves or boost our own egos. If you and others cannot see beyond that and see the site for what it is intended, a valuable resource for bringing matters to the attention of a lot of people who would otherwise not be aware of them, then so be it. Thank you for taking the time to look and to comment. Kind Regards and Best Intentions Abingdon First


Posted by So much for transparency on 15/03/2014
You espouse ‘Honesty, Transparency, and Accountability, – this is what we are entitled to!’ So why don’t you practise what you preach? You can’t be credible if you hide your identity!


Posted by Abingdon First on 15/03/2014
Unfortunately we didn’t Hester, As we said below, an opportunity missed! We will endeavour to rectify this in future by, at the very least, publishing the time and date of meetings, to make more people aware, and if we can attend, report on anything, we will. Alternatively, please feel free to send us anything that you feel is worthy of publishing on the website.


Posted by hester hand on 15/03/2014
Did you guys go to the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday or advertise it to your followers? It had been advertised on the Town Events calendar, noticeboards, via twitter and in the local press and was a good opportunity for people to ask questions of the senior Town Councillors. Copies of their reports are available, see their website, and there is a brief sumary on the Abingdon Blog but the questions are always the most interesting bit!


Posted by Abingdon First on 15/03/2014
We took a conscious decision when evolving this website that we would not put our names to it. This was for the simple reason of exactly the thing that you are doing here, making the contributors more important than the contributions. It is not important who we are, what IS important is getting the message out there to everyone about what is happening (or not as the case may be) to our town! There are virtually no opinions on the site, apart from the odd frustrated exasperation, the rest are facts that are in the public domain, but sometimes very well hidden (possibly intentionally). What we are seeking to do is bring these facts to one place and air them, for easy access, so that the residents and businesses of Abingdon can view them and refer to them, make up their own minds and if sufficiently motivated act on them by contacting their Councillors. This isn’t about us, our political persuasions, if any, or anyone’s ego. This is about Abingdon FIRST and last!


Posted by Abingdon First on 15/03/2014
cont. Indeed Monica Lovatt, ex-mayor and wife of TC leader Sandy, has posted on the Abingdon Blog of her disappointment that so few members of the public attended the recent TC/parish council meeting held this week. Well, with the help of Abingdon First, hopefully we can increase public awareness of such events and/or report on them too? (With hindsight we realised that we should have publicised this meeting). We are not looking for recognition for this work. Some, like yourself obviously, won’t like the way we are doing this, and that is fine. They will look, decide, and choose not to revisit the site. In that case we thank you for taking the time to look and to comment, all comments whether good or bad are appreciated. Others though, we hope, will be motivated, as we were, and will decide to do something about this once fantastic town, and not just accept some of the lousy decisions that have been made without questioning them? Kind Regards and Best Intentions Abingdon First

Posted by Peter Barrington on 15/03/2014
Honesty, transparency, and accountability are good aims but they are seriously harmed by anonymity. You claim to be apolitical yet without knowing who you are how can we assess this or consider your biases. How do we know the intention of this site is greater than simply raising discontent? Anonymity is an important right and essential to allowing open and free discussion of political abuses, but the council sold the gaol and has few, if any, powers to threaten liberty. As such your anonymity poorly serves the cause you claim to be advancing and the lack of transparency and any accountability over what you post leads me to doubt your honesty and your agenda.

Posted by newcomer on 12/03/2014
Re: the ‘public’ meeting on the Housing Plan. I see that the first objective of the public consultation has been achieved in that the fewest members of the public have been allowed access to the process.

Posted by Colin S on 10/03/2014
I have a number of questions. How much money did the people of Abingdon get for the Old Gaol? Has the money been paid? Was there a profit share scheme with the developers? The Market place, Why can it be used for Foreign markets and not local markets on a weekend? What is the point of one on a Friday when most are at work? The Guildhall A white elephant in the making? Prove you can run a viable business there before you blow our millions on a cinema for 200 people now and then? Is the manager of this place charged with making a profit or lose your job? I bet not. The Abbey grounds You may as well put sheep in there for all the use it gets. Its a big open space for that could be used, do we ever see it used to generate some income for the town?

Posted by colin smith on 08/03/2014
If anyone can think of any location where an A4 poster and/or A5 flyers for this years 15th Annual Abingdon Air & Country Show can be displayed then please let me know together with contact details for the location concerned…I’m thinking shops,pubs/clubs,schools/colleges,work-place restrooms,museums/other attractions and anything else where the poster will be seen so open to all and any offers really,thanks……

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