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FOI Re Abingdons Assets / Upper Reaches

We have received a response from the Vale. 1/11/16 Dear Abingdon First Thank you for your Freedom of Information request, which was logged under FOI 16/605 Vale. You asked the following questions: We understand that the Vale have decided to outsource its property management to a private company. is this correct, and who is this… Continue reading »

FOI request, ref 3,500 new homes for Shippon?

14/10/16, Today, we received a response to our FOI. Many thanks to Ms Moore for her prompt reply. Dear Abingdon First  Thank you for your request for information under the Environmental Information Regulations (2004), as follows: “Could you please confirm whether MOD land, (the old gliding club land (along Barrow rd, Shippon) has been sold to… Continue reading »

Guildhall Meeting

We were sent this:- Hi, I thought that you might like to know that the Town Council is holding an Open Day about its latest plans for the Guildhall on Saturday (23/7/16) – see I am not sure how effective the publicity has been so perhaps you could mention it on our web site. Regards,… Continue reading »

Old Gaol Restaurant “Deal” Falls through.

8/9/16 As announced by the Oxford Mail today, the “Mystery tenant” has pulled out of the deal to open a restaurant in the highly controversial Old Gaol complex. Source How much longer will these remain un-let, before the developers cry to the Vale that they cannot let them and want to turn them into more luxury… Continue reading »

50 years ago.

We were sent this from a friend, Steve. (aka Wizard)….just a piece of (fairly) recent history. Well do you remember the International Week in Abingdon. Fifty years ago, where has the time gone ??  While the nation was revving up for the World Cup Abingdon was doing it’s own bit of international hospitality. It seems… Continue reading »

2nd FOI re the Charter Car Park

Once again, thank you to Daniel for sending this in to us. Much appreciated. Hello Contact, Please see further Carpark FOI answers…   From: xxxxxx Sent: Friday, 15 April, 17:34 Subject: FOI request on revamp of the Charter car park, Abingdon ref 16/21 To: xxxxxx Cc: FOI Vale Hi, your freedom of information request has… Continue reading »

FOI Request from a reader

We had this sent to us from a regular reader of our website. Thanks to Daniel for sharing this and allowing us to publish it. Hi Abingdon First, Would you mind or be interested in putting up this FOI request made regarding the Charter Carpark and toilets renovation?   It isn’t very enlightening…   Many… Continue reading »

Abbey Meadow Improvements

Taken from the Vale of White Horse District Council website. Source Over half a million pounds to improve Abbey Meadow Released on April 11, 2016 Abingdon’s Abbey Meadow, which sees thousands of visitors each year, is set to get some very welcome improvements; thanks to a £615,000 investment from Vale of White Horse District Council. These… Continue reading »

Vale agrees £40,000 for Faringdon

Once again, Abingdon has been overlooked by the Vale!….Could this be some of the proceeds gained from the selling off of the Old Gaol? (After all, the Vale did admit that proceeds from the fiasco-sale of the Gaol wouldn’t necessarily be spent on the town it was taken from!) Released on April 1st….Unfortunately, the joke… Continue reading »