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  1. Sandra Lewis (@_728114577986)

    As a Toronto person who has visited Abingdon twice because it is her grandmother’s ancestral town, I have a concern about the appreciation by local folks for the history of the place.
    It was upsetting to learn from afar of the demise of the Cross Keys Tavern. My Argyle ancestors lived near it – even at times across from it – until they emigrated to Toronto in 1913. The occasional Argyle still lives in the area. Aubrey Argyle, former Morris Dancer and mayor of Ock Street who died not so long ago also lived in/on Ock Street.

    All right, I do admit that my concern for the preservation of your history is only half of my reason for writing to you. As well, I want to sell my newly published novel entitled Just Where You Stand. It features old Abingdon in Victorian times and brings to life three generations of Argyles. More than that, it addresses obsession, family relationships, social life and non-conformist religion. Did you know that Jehovah’s Witnesses of the late 1800s were called Russelites? Just saying. This is a thoroughly researched piece of writing and is as true as possible. My ancestors unknowingly lived a good yarn, too.

    Although the novel can be purchased at as an ebook or a paperback, people are not yet ordering or buying and no brave shop or other Abingdon entity has expressed interest in selling it instore.

    One ray of light is The Economy, Leisure and Property Department of South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils. They are currently supporting Just Where You Stand on their Twitter site.

    For my part I use facebook with a page for my author’s name Sandra Marie Lewis. The first chapter can be read at

    Can you think of any other way in which I might convince Abingdonians to buy and read Just Where You Stand?

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