24/2/16 It is reported in today’s Oxford Mail that the Guildhall revamp will provide residents with a, “high-quality cinema experience”, according to a pledge by town Councillor Dennis Garrett, head of the guildhall committee, who is adamant no corners will be cut on a projection unit and retractable cinema seating in the new building. He goes on… Continue reading »

BID Query

25/1/16 We have been sent this anonymously…can anyone in the know shed any light on this please? Hi, you guys seem to be well informed regarding all things Abingdon, does anyone know whats happened to the BID? We hear the chairmen has resigned? With less than 8 weeks to go before the Vale issue us… Continue reading »

FoI Re The Charter Area/Scottish Widows

21/1/16 We have a response to another FoI regarding the Charter Area refurbishment and Scottish Widows responsibility. Many thanks to Peter Beer for once again giving us frank and precise answers to our questions. His responses are in blue Dear Abingdon First, I write in response to your request for information regarding The Charter area, Abingdon. … Continue reading »

Reader’s FoI Request No. 1

Thank you to Daniel, who sent this (along with a couple of other), FoI’s that he submitted, and decided that we should be the platform to share the responses on. (We have taken the liberty of removing some of the email traffic that was generated internally before the response was sent back). Council responses are… Continue reading »

Latest FoI Response Re Cranbourne Companies

14/1/16 We have had a response to our latest Freedom of Information request, thank you to the Vale for their response (in blue). See also our response to this below. Dear Abingdon First Thank you for your Freedom of Information request as follows: “We are led to believe that CRANBOURNE OLD GAOL (ABINGDON) LIMITED, was… Continue reading »

FoI Response re Marcham Rd/Ock Street Crossings

We have kindly been sent this by Mr smith Our reference: 9323 EIR 12 January 2016 Dear Mr Smith, Thank you for your request of 14th December 2015 in which you asked for information about the independent traffic consultants’ report on the effect of the placing of crossings on Marcham Road and Ock Street in… Continue reading »

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas to all of our readers. We hope that you have enjoyed reading the posts over the past year. May you have a good day and a prosperous New Year….(unless you are prospering at the Abingdon taxpayer’s expense). Best Wishes AbingdonFirst

New FoI Regarding the Charter Area/Scottish Widows

22/12/15 A new Freedom of Information request has been submitted to the Vale today. •Could you please advise as to what is the responsibility of Scottish Widows/Aberdeen Asset Management, in regards of their contract with the Vale, and the refurbishment of the Charter Area, Abingdon. It seems that this area has just been forgotten about since… Continue reading »

Guildhall Meeting tonight!

15/12/15 There is a meeting taking place to discuss the future of the Guildhall tonight starting at 6:00pm,  Do not be overly concerned that you may have missed it though….Cllr Mike Badcock warned that the public would be excluded for much of the discussion, “As it involves private budget” Funny that…and we thought it was… Continue reading »